What is MoCheck?

It’s never been easier to create a vehicle condition report or a rental agreement fit specifically for your needs.  Our reports are easy to configure so that you can include information that’s important to you in a fully detailed report, or you can do a quick report with only pictures and notes.  Mocheck is fast and intuitive.

MoCheck is perfect for…

  • PCO Hire Companies
  • Multiuser High Volume LCV operations
  • Vehicle leasing and rental companies
  • Vehicle transport and storage companies
  • Motor dealers
  • Fleet management
  • Valet & repair companies
  • Classic cars

…in fact, anyone who needs to document a vehicle rental agreement, or to monitor or record damage, wear & tear or general condition of vehicles regularly.

Check out the great features that MoCheck offers you:

Rental Agreements
More info
Fully configurable More info
Follow-on reports More info
DVLA vehicle look ups More info
Detailed damage reports More info
Quick walk-around reports More info
Watermarked photos More info
Customer signature More info
Customisable sign-off declaration More info
Selectable vehicle diagrams More info
Multiple users on same account More info
User permissions More info
Export to branded PDF More info
Works on any web connected device More info

Mocheck offers a variety of pricing packages designed to fit your own volume and functionality requirements  – details here




List of functions that can be controlled via management Dashboard

customise screen
  • DVLA look up servicevs.manual data entry, or both.
  • Detailed damage report or quick walk around report, or both.
  • Report type – inbound, outbound, pick-up, drop-off etc
  • Checklist items – on or off:
  • Vin Number
  • Mileage
  • Calculate mileage
  • Fuel level
  • Tyre check
  • Customers details
  • Vehicle diagrams shown
  • V5C
  • Service Manual present
  • Manuals present
  • No of keys
  • Tool/Jack present
  • Sat Nav present
  • Sat Nav data card present
  • Locking wheel nut present
  • Refuelling needed
  • Smoking odour
  • Returned on time/late
  • Customer’s signature required, or not.
  • Inspector’s Comments
  • Sign-off declaration text and Ts and Cs – standard or customised.